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6" Push Pop Stress Reliever Ruler

6" Push Pop Stress Reliever Ruler

As low as $1.93
SKU: sw-sr23

Custom Rulers

Custom-printed scale rulers are practical and effective promotional items that make everyday tasks easier while also promoting your brand. Swagify offers a range of personalized rulers suitable for various occasions, from science fairs and career exhibitions to corporate gifts and promotional giveaways.

These versatile tools, adorned with your brand logo or message, are appreciated by a wide audience, including employees, students, customers, and teachers. They serve as portable billboards, ensuring your brand remains visible and memorable whether in the office, classroom or at home.

Swagify's custom-printed scale rulers come in various styles, including executive rulers, magnifying rulers, plastic rulers, ruler and calculator combos, and more. Unique options like flag tag ruler cases, folding rulers, and magnifier rulers with letter openers and bookmarks add extra functionality to these essential tools.

Rulers are not only practical but also budget-friendly marketing tools for businesses, educational institutions, and libraries. With their utility and appeal, they stand out in workplaces, classrooms, and study rooms, ensuring maximum exposure for your brand.

In conclusion, personalized rulers from Swagify are powerful promotional items that boost brand visibility and leave a lasting impression. Invest in branded rulers today and watch as your brand rules throughout the day, promoting your message inch by inch.

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