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Best Blanket Promo Gifts: Top Picks for Marketing Success

Blankets make for excellent promotional gifts thanks to their practicality and popularity. They are useful and can leave a lasting impression on recipients. The best blanket promo gifts combine quality materials with customizable designs that highlight your brand.

By offering something cozy and functional, you tap into people’s everyday lives, making it more likely they will remember your brand. Whether it’s for a promotional event or a special giveaway, selecting the right blanket can lead to increased brand visibility and customer loyalty.

Key Takeaways

  • Customized blankets enhance brand visibility.
  • High-quality materials are essential for lasting impact.
  • Target your audience effectively with thoughtful design choices.

Understanding Promotional Blankets

Benefits of Fleece Blankets as Promo Gifts

Promotional blankets come in many types, each with its own advantages. Fleece blankets are particularly popular due to their warmth and affordability.

Fleece blankets are a great option for promotional products. They are warm, soft, and lightweight. These blankets are also cost-effective, making them ideal for bulk purchases.

The versatility of fleece blankets allows them to be used in various settings, such as at home, picnics, or outdoor events. Because they are useful year-round, they ensure continuous brand visibility.

Fleece blankets are also easy to customize. You can add your logo or brand message through embroidery or screen printing. This personalization turns each blanket into a walking advertisement, increasing brand awareness.

Types of Promotional Blankets

There are several types of promotional blankets to choose from. 

  • Fleece blankets are popular for their affordability and comfort. They are ideal for giveaways and trade shows.
  • Sherpa blankets offer a luxurious feel with their plush, soft texture. These make excellent gifts for clients or employees.
  • Chenille blankets provide a cozy and stylish option, perfect for home use. Their unique texture makes them stand out as high-quality promotional products.
  • Stadium blankets are designed for outdoor events. They often feature a water-resistant backing, making them perfect for sports games or concerts.
  • Picnic blankets come with attached straps or handles for easy carrying. These blankets are great for outdoor branding opportunities, as they are frequently used in parks and beaches.

By selecting the right type of promotional blanket, you can effectively enhance your brand’s visibility and appeal.

Customization Techniques

Close up shot of knitted blankets best gift as a promotional item

When choosing the best blanket promo gifts, it’s essential to decide on the right customization method. Factors like design complexity, durability, and cost play a significant role. Let’s explore two popular customization techniques.

Embroidery Vs. Screen Printing

Embroidery involves stitching the design directly onto the custom blanket. It offers a high-end, durable look. Embroidered logos resist fading and wear over time. This technique is ideal for simpler logos with fewer colors. While it may cost more, the professional appearance it provides is unmatched.

Screen Printing uses ink pressed through a screen to transfer the design. This method works well for detailed and colorful designs. Screen printed blankets are typically less expensive than embroidered ones. However, the print may fade or crack over time with repeated washing.

Choosing between embroidery and screen printing depends largely on the design complexity and budget. If you prioritize longevity and a premium look, go for embroidery. If you need a vibrant and detailed design, screen printing may be your best bet.

Debossing and Other Options

Debossing creates a subtle, recessed image by pressing the design into the blanket. This method gives a sophisticated and unique texture. Debossed blankets offer a tactile appeal and maintain their appearance over time. They are best suited for simple, single-color logos.

Other options include appliqué and heat transfer. Appliqué involves stitching a separate material onto the blanket, adding texture and dimension. This method works great for two-tone logos. Heat transfer uses heat to bond vinyl or other materials to the blanket. It’s ideal for multicolor designs and detailed images but may not be as durable as embroidery or debossing.

Selecting the right customization technique ensures that your blanket promo gift makes a lasting impression. Consider the design, durability, and overall appeal before making your decision.

Design Choices for Maximum Impact

Different colored and printed blankets shown in the image

To create the most eye-catching and memorable promo blankets, you need to carefully choose colors, patterns, and how to incorporate logos and mascots.

Selecting the Right Colors and Patterns

When choosing colors, consider your company’s branding and the message you want to convey. Bright colors can make the blanket stand out, while neutral tones may appeal to a wider audience. It’s important to match the blanket’s colors with your logo and other brand elements for a cohesive look.

Patterns can also add visual interest. Stripes, checks, or custom designs can make the blanket more attractive. Remember, the pattern should not overshadow your company name or logo. Simpler designs often work best for keeping the focus on your branding elements.

Incorporating Logos and Mascots

Adding a logo to a blanket is a fantastic way to make your brand memorable. Place the logo where it is easily visible, such as on a corner or in the center. Make sure the size of the logo is appropriate – too small and it won’t be seen, too big and it may look overpowering.

Including a mascot can add personality and charm. If your company has a mascot, placing it with the logo or having it as a repeating pattern can be effective. Use high-quality images to ensure clarity and detail in the design. This makes your promo blanket not just useful, but also a lasting reminder of your brand.

Selecting the Right Material

Fleece blankets shown in the image

Choosing the best material for promotional blankets is essential to maximize comfort, durability, and user satisfaction. Key aspects to consider include material type, how long it lasts, and how comfortable it will be for the user.

Fleece Vs. Chenille Vs. Sherpa

  • Fleece blankets are lightweight and provide good warmth. They are made from synthetic fibers, which makes them easy to wash and quick to dry. Fleece offers a soft touch and is relatively affordable.
  • Chenille is known for its luxurious feel and thicker texture. While it provides excellent warmth and comfort, it can be heavier than fleece. Chenille can also be more challenging to clean and maintain.
  • Sherpa blankets mimic the look and feel of sheepskin and are extremely warm and cozy. They combine a soft, fluffy layer with a more durable outer layer. While they are very comfortable, sherpa blankets can be bulkier and may require more careful cleaning.

Comparison Table of Materials:

MaterialWarmthSoftnessEase of CleaningDurability
ChenilleExcellentVery SoftModerateModerate
SherpaExcellentVery SoftModerateHigh

Considerations for Durability and Comfort

  • Durability should be a top priority. You want a material that withstands regular use and cleaning. Fleece is a strong contender due to its synthetic fibers. Sherpa also offers good durability, especially the outer layer.
  • Comfort is another crucial factor. While fleece provides a soft and light feel, chenille and sherpa are unbeatable for those looking for maximum comfort and warmth.
  • Cleaning requirements also impact usability. Fleece is easy and quick to clean. Chenille, with its delicate fibers, might require more careful handling. Sherpa, too, needs attention but can be more accommodating than chenille in some blends.
  • Affordability can guide your choice if budget matters. Fleece often offers a good balance of cost, comfort, and durability. Chenille and sherpa might be more expensive but deliver a luxurious feel that could justify the extra cost in specific promotional contexts.

Targeting the Right Audience

A blanket as a gift for the corporate employee

Blanket promo gifts can reach various groups, from employees to students, creating effective brand visibility and appreciation. Each group has unique needs, so tailoring your approach can maximize impact.

Corporate Gifting and Employee Rewards

For corporate settings, blankets make excellent gifts for clients, partners, and employees. As a practical item, a high-quality blanket can serve as an ongoing reminder of your company. You might personalize them with your logo or a custom message.

  • Employee rewards: Ensure that employees feel valued and recognized. A branded blanket can provide comfort at home while reinforcing company loyalty.
  • Corporate gifts: A thoughtfully crafted blanket gift package, perhaps with a note of appreciation, can strengthen business relationships and client satisfaction.

Schools and Educational Campaigns

In educational environments, blankets can be used for events or as fundraising items. Schools often need promotional items for various campaigns, and a blanket is a versatile option.

  • Fundraisers: Schools can sell branded blankets to raise funds for clubs or special events.
  • Educational campaigns: Blankets can be handed out during open house events or to new students as a welcoming gesture. They can also be used to promote school spirit by emblazoning them with the school’s name or mascot.

Blanket gifts at schools are multi-purpose: practical for students and staff, and effective in spreading school pride.

Sports Events and Outdoor Activities

Blankets are especially useful for sports events, whether in a stadium, at the beach, or during outdoor activities. They cater to event attendees’ comfort, making them ideal promotional gifts.

  • Stadium events: Branded blankets can be given to fans to use during games, enhancing their experience and promoting your brand in a visible way.
  • Outdoor activities: For beach outings or picnics, a blanket can serve as a handy and appreciated item. Sponsors of such events can distribute branded blankets to attendees.

These blankets can also serve as mementos that help attendees remember the event and associate positive experiences with your brand.

Marketing Strategies

A special christmas blanket close up view

Using blanket promo gifts effectively can boost your brand visibility and engage your audience. Focusing on seasonal campaigns and leveraging promotional giveaways can make your marketing efforts more impactful and memorable.

Seasonal Campaigns and Events

Timing your promotional giveaways with major seasons and events can significantly enhance their effectiveness. For instance, offering warm blankets as giveaways during the winter holiday season can resonate well with your audience. Tie your promotions to holidays like Christmas or special events such as Black Friday to attract more attention.

Collaborate with local events or trade shows to distribute your branded blankets. This allows you to tap into an existing audience that is already engaged in the event. Seasonal items that people use frequently help keep your brand top-of-mind. Ensure that the design and quality of your blankets align with the season and your brand message.

Tailoring your campaigns to the season shows your audience that you are thoughtful and timely in your marketing efforts. Keeping an eye on upcoming seasonal trends and events will help you stay relevant and competitive.

Leveraging Promotional Giveaways

Promotional giveaways, especially high-quality items like blankets, can strengthen your brand’s presence. When your customers receive a useful item, they are more likely to remember your brand positively.

Focus on creative ways to distribute your blankets. Social media contests, where participants share your brand’s post to enter, can increase engagement and reach. Partnering with influencers to host giveaways can also expand your reach to new audiences.

Make sure your branding is prominent but tasteful. A well-placed logo on a high-quality blanket makes a lasting impression. Offering limited edition or exclusive designs can create a sense of urgency and increase participation in your giveaway.

Utilizing these strategies can make your promotional giveaways more effective and enhance your overall marketing campaign. By connecting with your audience through thoughtful and timely gifts, you solidify your brand’s presence in their lives.

Ordering and Distribution

Distributing blankets for promotional purpose

Effective ordering and distribution are key to ensuring your custom blankets reach your audience in time for promotions and giveaways. Careful planning helps control your budget and prevent delays.

Determining Order Quantities and Budget

Start by deciding how many blankets you need. Think about the size of your event or giveaway and who will receive the blankets. Bulk orders often come with discounts, so buy more to save on each item.

Next, set a budget that covers not just the cost of blankets but also shipping and other fees. Compare prices from different suppliers to find the best deal. Look for suppliers that offer bulk pricing without sacrificing quality.

Keep in mind to order a bit more than you think you’ll need in case of last-minute additions.

Logistics of Custom Blanket Distribution

Distributing custom blankets efficiently ensures they arrive on time. Choose a reliable shipping method that guarantees fast delivery. Work with your supplier to set clear deadlines for receiving the order. For example, some suppliers can ship items within five days of receiving the order.

Organize a central location for distribution if you’re handling a large volume. You might need additional staff for packing and shipping to avoid delays. Make sure you have all shipping addresses ready and double-check for accuracy to prevent items from getting lost.

Plan for any international shipping needs by understanding customs regulations and additional fees. This helps avoid unexpected delays and costs.

Maintenance and Care Tips

Air drying blankets for proper care

Proper maintenance and care are crucial to keeping promotional blankets in good condition. This includes knowing how to clean and store them.

Cleaning and Storage for Longevity

To keep your blankets looking new, follow the care instructions on the label. Most blankets are machine washable, but use a gentle cycle and mild detergent. For delicate fabrics like throws or mats, hand washing in cold water may be safer.

Dry blankets on a low heat setting or hang them to air dry. High heat can damage the fibers, reducing the lifespan of the blanket. Avoid harsh chemicals like bleach, as these can weaken the fabric.

When it comes to storage, keep your blankets in cool, dry places. Use storage bags made from breathable materials like canvas to prevent mildew and odors. If you fold your blankets, make sure they are completely dry before storage to avoid mold growth.

To maintain their shape, fluff your blankets regularly and rotate their use. This ensures even wear and extends their useful life.

Case Studies and Success Stories

Promotional blankets can make a lasting impression and drive customer loyalty. Let’s look at some successful examples of companies using these gifts effectively.

Highlighting Effective Branding Examples

Field & Co’s Custom Throw Blankets: A restaurant chain handed out Field & Co’s custom throw blankets to customers who dined during the holidays. The blankets, branded with the restaurant’s logo, were highly appreciated, leading to increased foot traffic and higher customer retention.

Tech Firm’s Personalized Fleece Blanket: A tech company gifted employees with personalized fleece blankets during a winter retreat. Each blanket featured either the employee’s name or a motivational message. This resulted in improved employee morale and stronger team cohesion, and it became a topic of positive social media mentions.

Retailer’s Plush Blanket Giveaway: A retail store launched a plush blanket giveaway for customers spending over a certain amount. Featuring the store’s logo and luxury quality, these blankets were not only well-received but also led to increased sales and brand loyalty. Many customers shared their blankets on social media, further promoting the brand at no extra cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing the best blanket promotional gifts, there are several factors to consider, such as event types, budget, customization options, and effectiveness. Here, we address some common questions related to selecting and using promotional blankets.

What should I consider when purchasing bulk promotional blankets for a corporate event?

Consider the type of event and the intended audience. Look for high-quality materials that will leave a lasting impression. Make sure the blankets can be customized with your company logo or message to enhance brand visibility.

How do I choose the right custom fleece blankets for a company giveaway?

Select fleece blankets that are soft, durable, and easy to care for. Choose colors and designs that match your company’s branding. Ensure the customization is clear and prominently displayed for maximum impact.

What are some affordable options for bulk blanket purchases for weddings?

Look for suppliers that offer discounts on bulk purchases. Consider simple, elegant designs that can be customized with the couple’s names or initials. Materials like polyester and cotton blend can balance cost and quality effectively.

Can custom blankets with pictures be used effectively as promotional items?

Yes, custom blankets with pictures can be very effective. They add a personal touch and can showcase your brand creatively. Ensure the image is high-resolution and relevant to your promotional goals to maximize impact.

What are the benefits of choosing a logo picnic blanket for brand promotion?

Logo picnic blankets are versatile and practical. They can be used in various outdoor settings, offering excellent brand exposure. They also tend to be kept and used frequently, providing long-term visibility for your brand.

Are blankets considered appropriate promotional gifts for holiday seasons like Christmas?

Yes, blankets are highly appreciated during holiday seasons. They are practical, cozy, and can be used throughout the winter. Customizing holiday-themed blankets with your logo can make them memorable and cherished gifts.

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