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What is a T-Shirt with Collar Called: Uncovering the Polo Shirt Identity

A t-shirt with a collar is commonly referred to as a polo shirt. This style bridges the gap between casual and semi-formal attire, offering the comfort of a t-shirt combined with the added formality of a collar. The polo shirt is a versatile piece of clothing easily recognized by its distinct collar, placket with two or three buttons beneath the collar, and sometimes, an optional pocket. The collar can also provide a more structured look compared to the typical round neckline of a regular t-shirt.

The evolution of t-shirt styles has led to various iterations that incorporate collars, each suited to different settings and preferences. While the polo shirt remains the most iconic, there are other styles such as the Henley shirt, which lacks a collar but features a buttoning placket similar to that of a polo. Meanwhile, collared t-shirts can range from designs integrated with button-down collars that sharpen the look for professional settings, to more relaxed options with open collars that enhance breathability and ease of movement.

Understanding the array of t-shirt styles available to you is key to building a versatile wardrobe. Whether your focus is on comfort, style, or appropriateness for the occasion, a collar can transform the humble t-shirt into a garment that transcends its casual origins. With the knowledge of these variations, you can elect for the appropriate shirt that best aligns with your intended look and context.

Defining the Collared T-Shirt

Crew Neck T Shirt on left side polo t shirt in the middle V Neck T Shirt on right side of the image

When you think of a collared t-shirt, the term generally refers to a polo shirt—a style that marries the easy wearability of a t-shirt with the added formality of a collar.

Collar Types and Styles

Collared t-shirts typically feature a collar similar to that found on more formal shirts but are designed with casual wear in mind. Here are some common collar types you’ll encounter on these shirts:

  • Polo Collar: The traditional fold-over collar that is often accompanied by a few buttons at the neck.
  • Band Collar: A stand-up style that doesn’t fold over or have collar points.
  • Button-Down Collar: Commonly found on dress shirts, the points are fastened down with buttons.
  • Spread Collar: A dressier option with wide-set collar points.
  • Club Collar: Features rounded points for a vintage look.
  • Tab Collar: Includes a small tab that fastens under the tie to keep the collar points in place.

Design elements of the collared t-shirts can vary based on the cut of the sleeves and the fit of the shirt.

T-Shirt vs Polo Shirt

Your typical t-shirt usually comes with a round crew neck or a v-neck, while a polo shirt is defined by the inclusion of a collar and a placket with two to three buttons at the neck.

  • Crew Neck T-Shirt: A simple round neckline without a collar.
  • V-Neck T-Shirt: Has a v-shaped neckline, again without a collar.
  • Polo Shirt: Distinguished by its collar, and sometimes by sleeves with ribbed bands.

These shirts can be both casual and smart-casual, making polo shirts versatile for a range of occasions.

History of the Collared T-Shirt

Your curiosity about the evolution of the collared t-shirt leads you to an intriguing history that intertwines traditional dress shirts with casual wear.

The collared t-shirt, often called a polo shirt, owes its design to traditional dress shirts. In the early 19th century, England’s upper class initially favored detachable collars, which conveyed status and were easier to clean. As fashion evolved, these collars became attached, giving rise to the starched, permanent fixtures you see on dress shirts today.

Collared t-shirts, a derivative of this trend, emerged as a functional garment in the sports world. Polo players, needing both the structure of a collar and the comfort of a t-shirt, adopted this style. The design allowed them to look presentable while engaging in athletic activity.

By mid-20th century, these t-shirts with collars had crossed over from sports attire to everyday casualwear. Here’s how they compare to traditional dress shirts:

FeatureDress ShirtCollared T-Shirt
FabricFormal, often stifferCasual, flexible
Collar TypeStiff, may require starchingSoft, more relaxed
UseBusiness, formal eventsLeisure, semi-casual events
EvolutionDetachable collars to attachedBorrowed the collared concept

In your wardrobe, the collared t-shirt serves as a versatile piece, rooted in the past yet fully integrated into the present. Its existence mirrors the desire for a balance between formality and ease.

Design Aspects of Collared Shirts

A size chart of polo t shirt

When selecting a T-shirt with a collar, it’s important to consider design aspects such as necklines, sleeves, and shirt bottoms. These elements affect not just aesthetics, but also comfort and compatibility with your body type and face shape.

Necklines and Face Shapes

Neckline design influences the overall look of a shirt with a collar. A crew neck, for example, is a round neckline that sits close to the base of your neck, offering a neat appearance. When considering your face shape, you should aim for balance. If you have a round face, a shirt with a narrow point collar can elongate your appearance, whereas wider collars may complement a longer face shape.

Sleeves and Hems

The design of sleeves on a T-shirt with a collar can range from short to long sleeves, with various cuff styles. Short sleeves are casual, while long sleeves with cuffs provide a more formal touch. Hems can be straight or feature a curved hem, which affects how the shirt looks when untucked.

  • Short sleeves: Casual, versatile.
  • Long sleeves with cuffs: More formal, suitable for business settings.

Shirt Bottoms and Side Seams

The bottom cut of the shirt plays a critical role in your shirt’s versatility and style. A straight hem is standard for a cleaner look which suits a tucked-in style, while a curved hem is less formal and more suited for leaving untucked. The construction of side seams affects the fit and durability; reinforced seams hold better over time and maintain the shirt’s shape, ensuring that it sits well on your frame.

The Role of Fabric and Pattern in Style

Cotton polo t shirt in left polyester made in the middle and blended fabric in the right side of the image

When selecting a collared t-shirt, the fabric and the pattern are pivotal elements that influence both comfort and aesthetic. These factors determine the garment’s breathability, flexibility, and how it drapes on your body, as well as its visual appeal and how it aligns with your personal style.

Choosing the Right Fabric


  • Advantages: Natural, breathable, soft, durable.
  • Ideal for: Everyday wear, casual or smart-casual settings.


  • Advantages: Wrinkle-resistant, strong, quick-drying.
  • Ideal for: Sportswear or outdoor activities due to its moisture-wicking properties.

Blends (Cotton-Polyester, Cotton-Spandex):

  • Advantages: Combines the benefits of both materials, such as softness from cotton and stretch from spandex.
  • Ideal for: A balance between comfort and functionality; form-fitting styles without compromising on comfort.

Incorporating Patterns and Prints

Solid Colors:

  • Purpose: Create a clean and straightforward look; versatility across various occasions.
  • Usage Tips: Great base for layering with other pieces.

Stripes and Checks:

  • Purpose: Introduce visual interest and a classic style.
  • Usage Tips: Vertical stripes can elongate your appearance, while checks range from the understated to bold, depending on size and color contrast.

Graphic Designs:

  • Purpose: Allow for personal expression and trend engagement.
  • Usage Tips: Best paired with simple bottoms to let the t-shirt be the focal point of your outfit.

In choosing your collared t-shirt, the key lies in the synergy between the fabric’s properties and the pattern’s style implications. Your final pick should complement your existing wardrobe and align with the occasions you aim to wear it.

Long sleeve polo T shirt on the right side and short sleeve polo t shirt on the left side

When you think of t-shirts with collars, the first thing that likely comes to mind is the iconic polo shirt. This section will guide you through various designs and the impact of collared tees on fashion and sports.

Polo Shirt Design Variations

Polo shirts are synonymous with casual yet refined style. Traditionally, polo shirts have short sleeves and a collar with two or three buttons. Over the years, designs have expanded to include variations like long sleeves, pockets, and different collar styles such as the club collar.

  • Club Collar: Rounded point collar, offering a vintage look.
  • Rugby Shirt: Resembles a polo but typically has long sleeves and bolder patterns.

The Influence of Sports and Casual Wear

Your polo shirt’s roots are deeply embedded in the sports world, yet it seamlessly transitioned into everyday casual wear. With this shirt, you benefit from a versatile garment that fits in on the tennis court, golf course, or at a casual gathering.

  • Tennis: Polo shirts are preferred for their breathable fabric and comfortable fit.
  • Golf: They offer unrestricted movement, making them ideal for the sport.

Innovative Collar Designs in Fashion

Fashion continually reinvents the collared t-shirt, introducing innovative collar designs to refresh the classic look. Alongside the traditional crew neck and v-neck styles, scoop neck t-shirt designs have emerged.

  • Crew Neck with Collar: A rare but intriguing combination, adding a collar to the simple crew neck tee.
  • Scoop Neck with Collar: A less common design that adds a touch of elegance to the relaxed scoop neck shirt.

Designers are constantly exploring new ways to incorporate collars into t-shirts, offering you a range of options to express your personal style.

A man wearing a blue color T Shirt with Collar

Frequently Asked Questions

This section covers common inquiries about shirts with collars, their designations, and distinctions in terms for men and women.

What do you call a shirt with a collar for men?

For men, a shirt with a collar is commonly known as a polo shirt. This style combines a comfortable T-shirt feel with a more formal look provided by the collar.

How is a collared T-shirt for women formally known?

Similarly for women, a collared T-shirt is often referred to as a polo shirt, offering both a sporty and a polished appearance suitable for various settings.

What is the name of the shirt part that wraps around the neck?

The part of a shirt that wraps around the neck is called the collar. It can vary in style, including point, spread, or button-down options.

Can you identify a casual shirt with a collar?

A casual shirt with a collar is typically identified as a polo shirt or a Henley shirt. The Henley is characterized by a placket beneath the neckline with a few buttons.

What is the difference between a T-shirt and a collared shirt?

The primary difference between a T-shirt and a collared shirt lies in the collar itself. T-shirts typically have no collar and a simple crew neck, whereas collared shirts have a distinct collar, adding a formal touch.

What are the various types of collared shirts available?

Different types of collared shirts include the classic polo, Henley, and button-down shirts. Each varies in collar style and formality, making them versatile for multiple occasions.

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